All year weather solution

Enhance and use your outdoor entertaining areas every season. Multiliving Louvre Roof Systems are as changeable as the weather at the touch of a button.

Opening Louvre Roof Systems For Smarter Living

Combine indoor with outdoor, enjoy your mornings and evenings. Welcome to Multiliving Opening Roofs – Affordable solutions Combining the best elements of both outdoor and indoor living can make you and your family members relaxed and healthy.

At Multiliving Opening Roofs, we understand the importance of how your environment defines the quality of your living, better. We have an excellent range of opening roof systems, retractable roof systems, and louvre roof systems that bring the best elements of your property and surroundings closer to you.

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Very quick response and organised an onsite quote within the week. Very professional work and end result came up great. Good value for money as well. Highly recommend.

- Edward cooper


We manufacture our louvre roof systems using the highest quality aluminium to provide lasting results. The powder-coated extruded construction also ensures no corrosion damages to the roof regardless of the changing weather conditions and external factors.

Aluminium corrosion rates are extremely low making this product fantastic alternative to steel and other outdoor materials.

Aluminium has better thermal conductivity properties than steel and reflects light which helps keep your outdoor entertaining areas cool in summer months. When closed, aluminium louvres or fabric roofs will also trap heat in the room making Multiliving systems ideal for winter months and minimising heater usage

Aluminium is around 25% lighter than steel while offering similar strength but with added flexibility.

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Key Features & Benefits


Modern look & Feel

Multiliving Systems are a modern and timeless addition to any residential or commercial project. Sleek, shiny and, modern looking, architects also label this product an easy choice to add style and value to a project for long term use.


Highly Durable, Great Value

With strength like steel and a natural barrier against corrosion, our Multiliving systems will last years because they are low maintenance. Every roof is custom made to order for the perfect fit.


Adds Value to Your Home

The louvre systems add style and functionality to your property with unique Multiliving Louvre Roofs. The aluminium roofing solutions give a standout appeal to your property.


Customised to Your Needs

You have the option to customise the louvre systems based on your needs. Do you want a retractable roof system with a flat roof design. We also offer these louvre systems in various colours to match with the architecture and style of your home.


Great Control of Lighting

The blades of the Multiliving Opening Roofs can rotate up to 130 degrees. This means you can control the lighting and shading based on your needs. Additionally, the roofs feature an integrated lighting system to create the right ambience for your parties, programs, and other types of events.


Smarter Control

We have combined innovative technology to our roofing solutions to give a modern experience to our customers. The opening roof systems feature sophisticated control systems that allow you to operate the roof using the remote control or the mobile app. You can automatically set the hours of operations based on your desired hours.


Smart Louvre Roof System

The blades of the louvre roof feature a trapezoid design that makes the roof watertight. While the blades feature a flat bottom, the tapered top ensures excellent water drainage from the roof. The design of the blades seamlessly integrates the opening roof to any standard ceiling. This means that the installation of the Multiliving Opening Roofs is simple and hassle-free.


Multiliving Louvre Roofs creates the ambiance in your indoor and outdoor areas to enjoy an all year round. Create a tranquil and entertainment area for family and friends.

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    Our roofing system consultant is happy to visit you and explain the features and functionalities of Multiliving roof systems to you. They can also prepare and give you the initial design based on your requirements and provide an upfront quote. We offer services in Tauranga, Hamilton and greater Bay of Plenty/Waikato areas